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Foam Replacement Dubai

Reupholster, recover, and replace foam while you are at it! High-density, ultra-high density, feathers, and even down – we have your furniture covered and filled.We do it all: chair foam replacement, couch cushion foam replacement, sofa restuffing, new foam for cushions.

The Advantages Of Our Services

Some people are quick to buy a new sofa rather than renovate, but what they don’t know is that it’s cheaper and quicker to get a foam replacement from Alexander Christian, and the results are amazing. First, it allows you to save more money. Repairing your sofa and replacing the foam is always a lot cheaper than buying a new sofa. Second, you can save a lot of time by fixing the problem as it only takes about five to 15 days. On the other hand, custom made furniture takes about six to ten weeks to operate. Finally you can control your budget with resurfacing because you only need to focus on the cost of replacing the foam and soft cushions rather than the entire furniture frame.

Foam Replacement Dubai

Blackout curtains in the bedroom are not only good for light regulation, but also for temperature. The double layer and thick fabric on the blackout curtains allow for temperature control. It doesn’t leak easily, and its comfortable feeling keeps the temperature balanced in winter and summer.

Why Choose Foam Replacement?

Sitting is something we often do but don’t think much about. Unless the chair you’re sitting on is uncomfortable. Sofa cushions sag and lose their resilience with age. This makes the feeling of sitting uncomfortable. No one wants to, luckily a damaged foam pad can be replaced.
With over 10 years of foam and cushion manufacturing experience, we are here to guide you on what foam is best for sofa cushions.

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