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Curtains, electric curtains and wifi controlled curtains are the latest technology in UAE. The remote control roller curtains motor adds value and comfort to your home with a touch of convenience. The wireless curtain unlocker can be operated via a mobile phone or the connected mobile app via the mobile phone WIFI app. Smart curtains or motorized roller blinds can use Google Voice Assistant to work. The motor is connected to the blind for opening and closing at a pre-set time. Existing curtains can be converted into roller blinds for smart home windows. Electric curtain rods are installed in place of a regular curtain system using a curtain track. This Wi-Fi controlled blind can be used with other smart homes. This remote control motorized canopy system is an ideal part of home automation. The electric window blinds can be pre-configured to open and close at a specified time. Home automation blinds include left to right blinds, screw blinds, roller blinds, all kinds of blinds and electric blinds

Motorized Curtains

Whether you want a simple smart curtain solution or a more sophisticated option, there is something for you. Enjoy ultimate comfort and peace of mind while controlling your curtains hands-free. Simply open and close the curtains with a single click on the remote control or with a quick voice command to Google. Best Motorized curtains 2021 – Automatic Remote Controlled curtains and the best part, you can set a timer to automatically open and close your curtains every morning and evening.

Motorized Curtains for Home

For those looking for a more technically smart option and curtains for their windows, electric curtains are the perfect choice. It provides you with the best option to run any of the custom window treatments you choose from our range. Motorized curtains can be operated by button control other than manual control such as plain, panel, vertical and roller blinds and they are very practical. We offer a very safe, easy to use and practical electric curtains mechanism that can be controlled from the remote control or even can be enabled through your home Wi-Fi system allowing you to operate it from your smartphones. Contact us for an affordable custom made electronic curtains with a free training session.

Why Choose Motorized Curtains?

Indoor electric curtains effectively and elegantly protect from sunlight, allowing natural light to be adjusted according to personal tastes and needs. AL BEST offers branded solutions for automatic or motorized curtains in Dubai. Our range of remote control curtains from Somfy who is the leading supplier of residential and commercial automation in Dubai and across the UAE.