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Roman Curtains Dubai

Roman curtains in Dubai are a popular style of window coverings that feature soft curtains or crisp folds of fabric when the shade is raised. They work like folded or cellular shades, using a pull cord or a continuous loop of ropes to raise and lower the fabric. Ropes control winding along the bottom of the shade. When you look at roman curtains, you’ll see a lot of differences in how you bend or bend the fabric.

Roman Curtains

Also called the “cozy fold”, this Roman curtain style is what interior designers call a “soft smile”. Unlike other shadow patterns, which are more designer or custom-looking options, this style does not have a threaded rod at the bottom of the shadow. The rod creates a solid straight line across the bottom. Without it, the fabric can fold in a smooth, natural curve.

Roman Curtains Flat Fold Pattern Option

Flat fold pattern provides a simple and contemporary look. When fully lowered, the shadow appears flat. When lifted, the fabric is pulled up in a neat set of folds reminiscent of cell shades. This standard type of Roman curtains in Dubai complements floor length blinds. By working together, they are providing homeowners with more practical and privacy light filtering options without closing the curtains

European Fold Style Roman Curtains?

The crisp simple fold style adds texture and body to the window cover. The fold is visible, even when the shadow is completely low. When it is raised, the fold becomes more pronounced. It’s also a heavier and wider fold than the standard flat pattern. When you think of Roman shades, this is probably the look you envision. This type of shadow is sometimes called the “zig-zag fold” for smoother, rounder folds while maintaining a straight edge along the bottom of the treatment. When lifted, soft pleated Roman curtains will have the greatest look of all four styles. When it’s lowered, you’ll still be able to see the shape of the curved fold.