Sunscreen Roller Blind

Sunscreen Roller Blinds in Dubai


Sunscreen blinds dubai provide a great level of privacy as you can’t see into the room from outside, although they are not a block out fabric, meaning you can still see through them and maintain your outside view. However the opposite is true at night, sunscreen blinds in dubai do not provide privacy at night when the lights are on, so they are not ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms unless they are used with a block-out blind in a dual blind set-up.

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What are Sunscreen Blind ?

Our sunscreen roller blinds are made from a specially designed mesh fabric which lets in plenty of light, while protecting you from the sun’s glare and rays. Sunscreen blinds dubai block out up to 95% of the sun’s harmful rays, which provides the bonus of being a great energy efficient blind.

Is Sunscreen Roller Blinds good Idea?

We hope we have helped make your decision a lot easier when choosing the right internal blinds for your home or office. At Dubai Blinds we have more then twenty years experience helping clients make the best choice for the type of room they are furnishing and the style and colour they require.

Are Sunscreen Blinds save energy bills ?

Sunscreen roller blinds are a mesh type fabric that you’ll be able to use to prevent the glare and UV radiation entering your home and damaging your furniture and floors. The major benefit of a sunscreen roller blinds in Dubai is that you’ll still be able to see outside during the day and unless you have lights on, no one can see back in providing you with excellent day time privacy. These sunscreen roller blinds are perfect for the harsh Dubai climate, keep your home cool and save on your energy bills